Looking to the oceans, this sea tale was inspired by a narwhal and a swan who must go on a quest to vanquish the darkness of the sea by releasing the moon from its chains. The Moonceros collection’s underlying message states there is an eternal struggle against the evil lurking and therefore a battle for good, as well as an inner battle to persevere. Motifs include seaman’s knots mixed with baguette diamonds representing waves, that act like the ribbons of the sea, as well as broken pieces of glass (ourselves)…


Heavenly Creatures takes on a Celestial-Asian theme and represents an old world Asian fairy tale set under the night skies above. Pieces are easily paired with Unhada's other collections retaining similar lines that contain that whimsical, can't put your finger on it kind of magic.


Inspired by the late Victorian period and the necklaces that began to take on a fringed apperance. The Fringe collection represents a modern day take on this aesthetic using Victorian lines mixed with rare and magical gem combinations.



The Dynasty Collection, inspired by the Chinese dynasty period, presents a series of necklaces with straightforward yet powerful Asian-inspired lines, magical gemstone combinations and fairy-tale themes that translate to jewelry seen in an Asian fantasy world.



A diadem is a jeweled ornament in the shape of a half crown, worn by women and placed over the forehead. Each society interprets this object differently. Unhada has blended the old world European tiaras and the architecture of Thailand’s glittering wats and gilded ornaments to invent its own kind of diadem to be worn in the modern day world…



The Fairientology Project plays with and distorts some of the sentimental themes of the Victorian Period but in a more scientific approach. Combined with a feeling of magic and the supernatural, we are transported to a fantasy world reminiscent of the original days of the Crystal Palace.