Fine jewelry should transport and empower us, making us feel magical and inspired.


The jewelry of Unhada (pronounced oonada) perfectly embodies this by fusing lyrical designs with rare and unusual gemstones. Unhada is the creation of Jocelyn Prestia whose underlying belief is that fine jewelry should be a flight into fantasy.


Unhada was born during Jocelyn's years as an expat in Bangkok where she relocated from New York to study at the Gemological Institute of America. Originally a writer, Jocelyn planned to open an antique jewelry store in order to tell the untold tales of antique jewels. But Bangkok, the colored gemstone capital of the world, opened a door to an amazing world of rare and unusual gems and Jocelyn soon found that the stones themselves, like a good story, had souls with tales to tell.


Building relationships with rare gem dealers, Jocelyn started to combine her first love of storytelling with her new love of gems to create the unique aesthetic that is Unhada. Whether Pamir spinel from deep within the mountains of Tajikistan, or color-change garnets with their deceptive hues, the more unusual the stone, the more interesting the story.


Exploring fairy tale themes and drawing inspiration from both the lands of antique jewelry, Unhada is an eclectic blend of cultures and worlds. While the pieces are intricate with many delicate and unexpected details, the lines of Unhada remain simple and the result is wearable magic whose charmed and unusual combinations can be worn in everyday life.


The jewelry of Unhada is handcrafted in 18k gold and features primarily one-of-a-kind pieces.


If you ever wanted to believe in fairy tales, believe in the magic of Unhada.